At last, I finally came home from university and I got a chance to look closely at the TVpad. Ever since my parents got it, I was curious on what it ran on (let's face it, a lot of knockoff Chinese media players run android). The website said it was android 4.4 and at that point, I made it my mission to be able to install my own apk files on it.

It wasn't an easy task. The developers made quite the effort to hide the default system UI from the user. At first, I plugged in a mouse and low and behold. Dragging the cursor down from the top of the screen produced the android notification center. From there, I was able to get into the settings screen and see all the goodies. Suprisingly, it seems as if the developers shrunk the top bar into a few pixels height. Clever trick! Unfortunately, I can't install apks from that screen.

So at this point, I was a bit disappointed. A good lead but it got me nowhere. Then I opened up TVpad's internet browser and downloaded ES File Manager apk. Just like that, it installed. Now I was able to look into the system and "unlock" the default apps (dialer, browser, etc). On addition to that, I was able to extract all of their own apps (their TV apps). Going to see if it can run on my other android stick!


UPDATE: Seems like some apps can run and the default TVPad apps throws an error. Maybe they actually check. I'll see if I can bypass that