Tim again! Unfortunately, my Pebble's screen recently started glitching on me. For those of you who don't know what the Pebble is, it is a smartwatch with an e-ink paper display. For the duration that I had (well actually still have) it, I thoroughly enjoyed it as it complemented my phone's features such as notifying me of notifications, allowing me to reply, control music, etc.

Recently, my pebble started to show this:



I shot Pebble support a quick email and fortunately for me, they will be sending me a replacement watch. I thought it was going to be a pain because I got this refurbished from their booth at Hack The North. Never have I thought I could get through the RMA process in a matter of 1 reply. Good for them!

Will update this when I receive my replacement!



My replacement came in! I originally purchased my Pebble refurbished from them. They ended up giving me a new unit! Good for them :)

Unfortunately, it also glithes but I will have to use it a bit longer just in case.