Who are you?

I am a 21 year old software developer currently enrolled in the Computer Science program at the University of Toronto. I took up a passion in computers/electronics for over 11 years and programming/circuit design for over 7 years.

Having job experience is important. Do you have any?

I am currently working as an associate engineer at Wattpad! I am also a programming / robotics instructor at LogicFusion.

What do you do outside of school or work?

You can usually find me at hackathons all over Canada and the USA! During the hackathons, I work on many hardware projects including a pancake printer and a WiiU controlled drone! You can follow my adventures on my blog. Oh I also play guitar and love biking.

Code examples or it didn't happen

You can see examples of my code on my portfolio page as well as my GitHub.

Cool stuff, but I still need your resume

Of course! Here it is.

Wow! You got me excited. How can I contact you?

You can shoot me an ( ) or leave a message on my connect page.

Great, great. Now the most important question of all - tabs or spaces?

Tabs! (but spaces are cool too)