Recently, I decided to visit NewEgg's Hybrid Centre opening at their Markham/Richmond Hill location with my friends. The day started off rough as the parking lot was full due to the amount of people that were there for the event. After finding a parking spot, we began to walk to the venue. There were several food trucks outside (which were free!) as well as a registration tent where we got a free bag and tshirts.

The real excitement actually started when we walked in. Man was the place gorgeous! To top it off, they were raffling prizes out too (such as cases + PSUs, RAM, SSDs, media center PCs, etc). Unfortunately, we came just a tad late to participate in that. We then headed to the VR section where we got to try out the HTC Vive in all of its VR glory. After playing with that, it made my Cardboard and the Oculus like a children's toy. I definitely enjoyed the VR concept and cannot wait to see where it goes in the future!


Photo taken by Dillon Rasiah (used with permission)

Later on, one of my friends and I signed up for a PC speed building challenge. Knowing that we both had experience building computers, we decided to take the challenge thinking that it should be fairly easy to compete in. Wrong. 5:09 was the record at that time. Who managed to build a computer in 5 minutes?! Regardless, we went in knowing that even if we don't win, we would go out with more experience (and being able to say that we built a computer with a nice GTX980 in it). The result was that I was unable to finish in 5:09 but I estimated based on my current progress that I would be finished in 5:45.


Photo taken by Dillon Rasiah (used with permission)


Photo taken by Dillon Rasiah (used with permission)

Not all was lost though. Turns out that they were handing out pity participation prizes. I received an Actiontec Screenbeam Pro Business Edition from them and my friend received a snappy 64GB MicroSD card. What were they thinking by handing me a $200 participation prize? I have no idea - but I wasn't planning to find out as it was time for me to leave and head to work.

After arriving at my workplace, I decided that I wanted to implement this new WiDi device into my classroom and to give it a shot. Plugging it in, it just worked perfectly out of the box and I was able to get my computer connected to it in under 15 seconds. I have to say that throughout the class, this device allowed me to walk around with my laptop and to teach and assist my students a lot more efficiently as I did not have to keep walking back to my laptop (which is connected to the projector) to demo a concept. Instead, I was able to walk around with my laptop and demo concepts/questions to the class live on the spot without having to move around.


Overall, this day was well spent with all of the activities and the device which I see helping me with my lessons for the foreseeable future. I should definitely go to more of these events :-)