Today, I finally decided to take up HTML, PHP, and CSS in order to create my own portfolio site from scratch. This was my original goal; but back then when my first site came online in 2010, I was just getting started in the programming world and had my priorities set on other languages. Now after 6 years, I am finally starting to achieve that dream.

My current plans for this site is as follows:

  • The portfolio site will be completely remade from scratch and will not rely on any bootstrap designs or any CMS for that matter. This should definitely speed up loading times.
  • The current WordPress installation will be modified to only handle my blog posts (currently it handles everything on the site except for a few directories. This will also require me to develop a wordpress theme to match my "new" site exactly (for continuity of course!). Of course and alternative would be to just wrap wordpress in an iframe - we'll see.

You can follow the development at as well as


For the longest time, the CSS wasn't updating. I was uploading the file correctly but the site just didnt reflect the changes no matter what I made to the file (I even deleted all the code in the css file). Turns out that I forgot to enable Development Mode in cloudflare (who cached the css file). Awkward 15 minutes there.



Believe it or not, I am nearing the competition of the static site and am proud to say that the main website is FULLY HTML5 compliant!


The first stage of the site is complete! I have rolled it out to replace the current site. I have temporarily removed access to the blog while I transfer the blog and prepare for the second stage.

Update: Blog re-enabled


It's done! The blog integrates itself nicely into the main site. There are just a few bugs left to squash, but it should be done in no time :)


I just finished a web development course at my school and really dove deep into JQuery. I have fully implemented that on my site as well as cleaned up the js. In fact, the new js file has around 50% less lines than the old one!